Senior Laravel / Vue.js developer

Leap to the next level in your career and shape the online shopping experience by building the best ecommerce software.

What you will do

  • Advance Daalder
  • Develop extension packages for Daalder
  • Build enterprise customer implementations of Daalder
  • Exchange your knowledge with other developers

Who you are

  • Excellent & MVP-focused coding skills in PHP8 of minimum 5 years
  • Deep technical understanding of RESTful API’s
  • Passionate about writing well-structured, efficient and maintainable code, actively keeping the quality of the code base in check
  • Comfortable working in an English-speaking & agile environment


  • Small team, big impact.
  • Play ping-pong or Alex on our Valve index
  • Fair compensation
  • Central location(Rotterdam), free food, state of the art tech stack, Laracast etc.

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