Headless ecommerce on Laravel

While attending a couple of times we did some interviews/questionairs with developers on different approaches they took when developing ecommerce solutions. The results where interesting, developers want flexibility in creating there solution on the technology stack but also on the integration side.

A lot of customers already have existing software in place, not every solution is build from scratch. Maybe they already have accounting software, a product information management system, CMS or warehouse system in place.

Mostly end customers want content control, after some questionairs we realised Wordpress is still market leader here and a lot of customers like to have Wordpress as a content management solution.

On the other end developers want:

  • Extendibility.
  • Easy of setup.
  • Good documentation.

With Daalder we try to accommodate both worlds check our Vue JS demo store

Advantages of Daalder

Start with a clean Laravel installation and our composer package and build your solution.

  • Multi store.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Multi language.
  • And more.

Everything you need to get up and running

Read our docs to get started or download the postman collection to take a look at our API. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us!.

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