Pickup points

API calls

Endpoint: /pickup-points

Endpoint Method Payload
/pickup-points GET
/pickup-points/:pickup-point GET
/pickup-points POST pickup-point payload
/pickup-points/:pickup-point PUT update-pickup-point payload
/pickup-points/:pickup-point DELETE

Pickup-point payload
code*: (pickup_points/code)~,
sku*: (pickup_points/sku)~,
address_id: (address/id)**,
phone: nullable|9-18 digits and/or (-, +),
price: nullable|Digits with (1-4) digits after (.,)
vat_id: (vat_rates/id)**,
free_from_price: nullable|same as price,
store_ids: [{

** must exist in table/column
~ must be unique in table/column

Update pickup-point payload
    code: nullable| (pickup_points/code)~,
    sku: nullable| (pickup_points/sku)~,
    name: nullable

~ must be unique in table/column

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