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Daalder requires the following dependencies and environment settings for action:

Laravel installation

Daalder is a Composer package for the Laravel framework. To use Daalder within your application, you should add a pionect/backoffice dependency to your fresh Laravel application.

You'll find detailed information on the first steps with Laravel in its documentation. It's clear and well written, so worry not that it might be difficult.

Daalder installation

As soon as your fresh Laravel project is ready, you can add Daalder as Composer dependency:

composer require pionect/backoffice

The post-install-cmd script in the Daalder composer.json file does everything else for you, so that's all! The Daalder is already installed and set up.

Laravel boilerplate, Docker

For your convenience, we provide the Laravel boilerplate application, with all necessary settings and dependencies for correct operation. And if you're using Docker, you can our pre-built Docker image as well.