Daalder is a highly-configurable solution for e-commerce. It provides the vast possibilities of setting up users, locale settings and (what else?) for your specific needs.


Your pionect/backoffice package comes with an autoinstaller. It will guide you through the whole installation and setup process, which means that you will be asked about all settings, essential for your project.

However, if you want to update these settings, or you just prefer an old-style manual configuration, you can set all the configuration values yourself.

Configuration files


This section should be written as soon the configuration files are reorganized and cleaned up.

The Daalder configuration files live where all Laravel configuration files live - in the directory. The following files are used exclusively by Daalder:

Environment variables

The variables which shouldn't be publicly available (like your API integration credentials) should be stored in the .env file (or in your server environment). We listed the env variables below: