Our Story


Years ago, we at Pionect - a Dutch web development firm based in Rotterdam, were looking for a good Laravel ecommerce solution to support the needs of our client at the time and couldn't find any. Most PHP based offerings at the time were always missing the goal, either on the developer or the business owner side.

After a lot of iterations and many real-life production tests, we settled on a product that would serve both, developers and business owners alike, in an equal fashion.

That's how Daalder - a Laravel-based ecommerce platform and our main product was born.

Daalder Origin

The word Daalder comes from the Dutch word Rijksdaalder which was a coin worth ƒ 2,50 gulden, the currency in the Netherlands before it was replace by the Euro. In the Netherlands we have a saying: "On the market, your gulden(ƒ 1,-) is worth a rijksdaalder(ƒ 2,50)."

Even the name dollar can be traced back in it's pronunciation to the Dutch Daalder. Wiki

We found the name Daalder fitting for our ambition to bring a lot of value to our customers with our product in the market.

Our vision

We want to remove all barriers and deliver a seamless shopping experience without losing the human connection.

Key things we strive for in our company:

  • Superb customer service: try it out and drop us a question
  • Healthy work environment based on our Dutch mentality in problem solving and our culture of inclusiveness.
  • Providing our customers with a real added value.

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