Every product has a stock record. You can enable stock tracking through the is_procured_on_demand flag.
We store three stock levels:

  • Current stock (in_stock)
    Your current stock level at this time.
  • Planned incoming stock (planned_in)
    Confirmed stock coming in over the next period.
  • Planned stock going out (planned_out)
    Stock that reserved for orders but not yet shipped.

These stock levels are linked to a warehouse. You can have multiple warehouses that have stock levels.

API calls

Endpoint: /stock

Endpoint Method Payload
/stock/:product GET
/stock/sku/:sku GET
/stock/:product PUT stock payload

Stock payload
    in_stock*: int,
    planned_in*: int,
    planned_out*: int,
    warehouse_id*: int (only required if you have multiple warehouses)


Reference available fields:
Name Type Remarks
product_id* integer(11) product
warehouse_id* integer(11)
in_stock integer(11)
planned_in integer(11)
planned_out integer(11)
updated_at date
created_at date

* is required.

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