Daalder uses a role/permission pattern for access-role management. Under the hood, we implement spatie/laravel-permission, ensuring safe and robust management of permissions.

Roles and permissions are user-specific. It means that in the case of a multi-store Daalder application, one user will have the same set of roles/permissions on every store you created within that application.

Default configuration

During the installation and set up of a Daalder application, a number of built-in roles and permissions will be mounted.


A fresh Daalder application has two built-in roles admin and user

See Pionect\Backoffice\Models\User\RoleScopes for further reference on default roles.


Beside roles, a fresh Daalder application comes with a number of permissions. Their basic definitions can be found in the Pionect\Backoffice\Models\User\Permission object.

These permissions cover most of Daalder features, and are defined using the following pattern:

const STORE_DISCOUNT = 'store-discount';

The above example defines the permission to store/update a discount model.

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